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"Always Under Construction!!"

Necro - may not be one of the largest companies in the Frontier, but this company is moving up the ladder rather quick. With an aggressive Technical and Research departments, Necro will be able to compete with the largest of the MagaCorps.

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bulletbullet Company Information - Within these pages lay the history, company formation and structure.
bulletbullet Necore System  - Supplies information on the system Necore. The home planet of Necro Inc.
bulletbullet  Shipyards - This is the main stay of the whole company. Her you will find may different ships and the systems that compose them.
bulletbullet Personnel - Even thought that most of the menial tasks are preformed with robots and computers. Necro still uses living beings to manage the company. Here you will find a list of all the lead personnel of the company.
bulletbullet "NEC" Tech - New developments in every form of Technology and Equipment are listed here. If Necro invented it - It is in these pages.
bulletbullet Game Information - Listed here are the rules that made this game one of the greatest ever played. Included are New Rules, Old Ones and My House Rules.
bulletbullet Important Links - Beside this site, herein resides the other sites (links) that make this Role Playing Game diverse, and exciting. Be sure to check these out.
bulletbullet "All ZIPPED Up" This link will lead you to the online storage area dedicated to storing downloadable ZIP and SIT files. I am providing these for people to use offline and to read.
bulletbullet Copy Right Stuff -  Self explanatory!
bulletbullet Feed Back -  This is where you let us know what you think, Yes weather it be good or bad ... let us know!

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