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[Under Construction]

NCS 5001 Heterodox

CLASS: Heterodox Super Battleship Prototype

Hull Size: 25

Commissioned: ? Age: ?


Engines: 20 Atomic Type "E"

Last Overhaul:

Last Maintenance:



Life Support: 1000

Backup LS: 1000

Hull Points: 710     MR: 2/1*     ADF: 2/1*     DCR: 568


Weapons: Forward Plasma Cannon; Forward Disruptor Cannon; 

                Rear Disruptor Cannon; 10x Pulse Laser Batteries; 

                10x Enhanced Rocket Batteries; 11x Torpedoes; 

                10x Maxi-Missiles; 16x Heavy Fighters


Defenses: Reflective Hull; Heavy Armor; Reinforced Hull;     

                10x Point Defenses


Computer Level: 6

Combat Computer Level: 6

Computer Programs:

Information Storage (6)

Backup Life Support (2)

Atomic "E" Drive (6)

Point Defense (6)

Damage Control (6)

Pulse Laser Battery (2)

Robot Management (6)

Combat Tactics (6)

Maintenance (3)

Probe Analysis (6)

Bureaucracy (6)

Probe Launch Telemetry (6)

Analysis (6)

Landing Probe (6)

Computer Lockout (6)

Installation Security (6)

Computer Security (6)

Life Support (2)

Combat Analysis (6)

Astrogation (6)

Forward Disruptor Cannon (3)

Rear Disruptor Cannon (3)

Plasma Cannon (4)


Crew Aboard:

Detection & Communication Equipment:

WNB MK III, Subspace Radio MK III, Skin Sensors, Whole Camera System, 

Energy Sensors, Radar, Electromagnetic Sensor, Radiation Sensor, Intercom, Videocom


Other Equipment:

10x Workpods, 4x Small Launch, 2x Large Launch 3X Lift Shuttles

* = 1 ADF/ MR with optional container



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Last modified: August 31, 2000