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Assault Container


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Assault Container Overview

Assault Fighters and Heavy Assault Fighters

This is the newest arsenal in the transportation of Fighters to the scene of the battle. With the addition of this container it is possible to save time and money. First, you do not need a specialized ship for this purpose. Second you can transport many more ships, then with contemporary means.

With this flexibility you can place a container at a point in space and there it becomes a temporary base for operations. The container has the capabilities of supporting live for up to 61/2 months. The other supplies on the container give it the ability to refuel, repair, and rearm the fighter several times. The maximum number of Assault Rockets carried in storage is, 40, of either type.

The containers can carrier, up 10 normal Assault Fighters, or 5 of the Heavy Assault Fighters. The stats for the fighters are listed above. Two fighter can be launched and retrieve at the same time. When the fighter is retrieve a clamp is locked on the body of the fighter and is moved, along the Movement Rail, toward the launching area of the container. If the fighter that is retrieved needs rearming, then as it passes through the container, the weapon pod is removed and a new one is put its place. The mission and type of fighter determine the type of weapons pod. The total time of the rearming is only 3 turns. Two turns are used for retrieval and launch, with the remaining used to move the fighter and rearm it.

Repairs and refuel can only be done under non-combat conditions. The repairs that are capable are the same as if the fighter is in dry-dock. All the same rule apply. There are enough parts and supplies to completely rebuild two fighters.

Other components of the container are two Laser Batteries; 3 Masking Screens; Life Support of 200 crewmembers. It also has a Subspace Radio MK 1, Radar, and Energy Sensors. The computer has the standard computer programs.

Assault Container
CLASS: Container  
Hull Size: 7 (Larger ones in the works)

Engines: N/A  
Fuel: Type "4" Atomic Reactor

Life Support: 200 People  
Backup LS: 200 People

Hull Points: 50     MR: 0         ADF: 0      DCR: 100

Weapons: 2x Laser Battery  
Defenses: Reflective Hull; 3x Masking Screens

 Computer Level: Main Computer (6) Combat Computer (6)  
 Computer Programs:

Information Storage (6)

Backup Life Support (1)

Damage Control (3)

Laser Battery (1)

Robot Management (6)

Laser Battery (1)

Maintenance (3)

Combat Tactics (6)

Bureaucracy (6)

Life Support (1)

Analysis (6)

Probe Launch Telemetry (6)

Computer Lockout (6)

Installation Security (6)

Computer Security (6)

Combat Analysis (6)

Detection & Communication Equipment:  
WNB, Subspace Radio, Skin Sensors, Whole Camera System, Energy Sensors, Radar, Electromagnetic Sensor, Radiation Sensor, Intercom, Videocom

 Other Equipment:
Workpod, 7 Escape pods, 5 to 10+ Fighters



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Last modified: August 31, 2000