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Stinger Class


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Stinger Class Destroyer

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NCS 3001 Stinger
CLASS: Destroyer Prototype
Hull Size: 6
Commissioned: ? Age: ?
Engines: 3 Atomic Type "C"
Last Overhaul: N/A
Last Maintenance: N/A
Fuel: N/A
Life Support: 30
Backup LS: 30
Hull Points: 50 MR: 4 ADF: 4 DCR: 75
Weapons: Plasma Cannon; 3x Plasma Batteries
Defenses: Reflective Hull; 3x Point Defenses
Computer Level: 6
Computer Programs:
Information Storage (6)
Atomic "C" Drive
Plasma Cannon (6)
Damage Control (3)
Plasma Battery (3)
Robot Management (6)
Combat Tactics (6)
Maintenance (3)
Probe Analysis (6)
Bureaucracy (6)
Probe Launch Telemetry (6)
Analysis (6)
Landing Probe (6)
Computer Lockout (6)
Installation Security (6)
Computer Security (6)
Life Support (1)
Combat Analysis (6)
Astrogation (6)
Point Defenses (3)
Computer Link (3)		
Life Support (1)
Crew Aboard:
Pilot (6/3)
Engineering 5
Astrogation (6/4)
10x 1st level Engineers
Plasma Cannon (4/4)
3x Plasma Battery (4/2)
Detection & Communication Equipment:
WNB, Subspace Radio, Skin Sensors, Whole Camera System, Energy Sensors, Radar, 
Electromagnetic Sensor, Radiation Sensor, Intercom, Videocom, Computer Link
Other Equipment:
Workpod, Small Launch, Large Launch, 5 Lifepods





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