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"Hex" Battleship


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Heterodox Battleship:

(Heterodox: Meaning; differing from the standard)

This is the life work of Tiberius...

With all the Mega-Corp Wars going on, Tie did not want to worry about defending what and his family started. Not only wanting the upper hand, but to make his mark on the Frontier, he designed, built and commands the NCS 5001 Heterodox Battleship.

This is the largest known ship in the Frontier at this point.  

This massive military platform can bring a fleet of the most advanced fighters, Necro, or Frontier has to offer, into a battle. After launching the fighters can take on most of the largest opponents one on one. 

this ship has some of the most powerful weapons available. Some of the newest technology that has come from Necro is represented on this ship. From the (Rear Firing) Disruptor Cannons, Plasma Cannon to the Point Defense System.

Blue Print:




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Last modified: August 31, 2000