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Time Line


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Please Note: This timeline will be changing soon, adding more detail!

FY 100
Tiberius born to Yaris and Kirtina H'atar, on Scree Fron
FY 101
Yaris get promotion to Lead Ship Designer at Pan Galactic
Relocates family to Main Head Quarters at Gran Quivera, Prenglar
FY 116
While still in school Tie receives job at Pan Galactic with help from father
Theorizes advanced Cargo Management system; from this point on it is Tie's life-long ambition.
FY 120
Tie Graduated at the top of his class in engineering and design
Tie is promoted to Construction Plant Manager with PG
FY 122
Tie finds a potentially fatal flaw in Pan Galactic's ship Designs
After bringing the flaw up to PG Management. Tie resigns position after immense protest over flaw
In fear of retaliation for PG thugs, Tie enlists into the White Light Militia
Tie meets eventual best friend Steven
FY 123
Steven marries
Both Tie and Steven are raised to the rank of JR. Lieutenant
FY 125
Tie marries
Tie is raised to the rank of Lieutenant, and given command of the CMS Flitter
Steven is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and given command of CMS Wasp
After a brutal pirate attack both men realized to potential for the corvette for a high risk cargo escort ship
FY 126
Zachary H'atar, Tie son is born and Stevens son Marcus was born later in the same year
FY 127
Using skills for both Tie and Steven, the design for a corvette class ship was completed
After combining personal resources and obtaining a loan, they constructed the corvette class ship and named the Necromancer
After the ship's completion, Tie and Steven resigned there positions with White Light Militia
FY 128
After a long period of waiting the first High Risk cargo escort from White Light to Dramune, was contracted
FY 129
Several more successful contracts for High Risk escorts are completed
Design conception for a massive transporters start
FY 130
Ties son Kaylon is born
FY 131
Necromancer was attacked while completing cargo run. Cargo and transport were lost. Necromancer takes heavy damage and casualties
Steven, Ties best friend, is killed in countering the boarding attempt
As per Steven's last request, Tie Raises Marcus as his own son
Tie vows revenge against attacking pirates
FY 132
Raid on pirate encampment successful
Tie turn over pirate leader to local authorities
Tie is rewarded all salvage rights to pirate base
Salvages pirate base, hull size 5 freighter, and an Assault Scout
FY 133
NERCO Inc is created, using Ties own ships for chartering out High Risk Cargo Transports
Refitted space station, Mass Cargo Transport ship construction started
FY 134
NERCO Inc transport division is successful.
Mass Transport ship construction is complete and is suitably named Super Freighter
Test runs and promotions of the Super Freighter begins
FY 135 - 144
Orders for four HS 5 Supers are taken and completed
Frigate NCS 2501 Thunder Clap is commissioned
Necromancer is re named NCS 1501.
Assault Scout is named NCS 1001 Fireball
After station refit and automation the largest Super Freighter ever Constructed (HS 20) was launched
The development of the passenger container was completed
Four HS 10 Super Freighters entered service with NERCO. One fitted with passenger containers for the liner division and the rest were turned over to the High Risk Cargo Division
After completing schooling Marcus is given command of Necromancer and High-risk cargo operations.
After completing schooling, Zack accepts lead research division
FY 145 - 148
Several ship based developments are introduced
Kaylon is given position of lead security offer for all divisions
Medical field revolutionized, with NERCO's development of the Bio Bed
Work on medical relief ship begins
NERCO Inc establishes Mega-Corp. status
FY 149
Transportable Gravity generator technology grinds to a halt, putting Medical Relief ship on hold
Concept development and construction of Assault Container are completed
With tragic loss of life and equipment the third Co. owned Super Freighter was destroyed while carrying volatile chemicals.
FY 150
Tie turn over control of NERCO Inc. to Marcus, Zack and Kaylon to spend more time with his wife.
FY 151
Present time


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